The rheology of binary mixtures of highly concentrated emulsions: Effect of droplet size ratio

05 Aug 2016

Binary mixtures of highly concentrated emulsions (HCE) with three droplet size ratios and different compositions were prepared. It was found that by the proper selection of droplet size ratio and composition of binary mixtures, the shear modulus,viscosity,yield stress, and yield strain can be dropped lower than mixing rules and even primary HCE. This effect is similar to what is known for dispersions with volume fraction less than 0.7 but has not been described for HCE. For such formulations, the caged mechanism of droplets dynamics is not dominant due to the provided free volume that can be occupied by smaller droplets during flow. This is originated from the increase in maximum closest packing and thus more efficient spatial packing. By studying the scaling behavior of shear modulus and yield stress, the significance of interdroplet interaction was distinguished.