The relevance of indigenous technology in Curriculum 2005/RNCS with special reference to the Technology Learning Area

07 May 2007

In this article it is argued that indigenous technology with its long history cannot be ignored and should be assigned a more prominent place in the Technology Learning Area (TLA) within Curriculum 2005/RNCS Grades R - 9. The argument is based on the findings of a study in which the relevance of indigenous technology in the TLA curriculum was investigated. The findings not only pointed to the long history of indigenous technology, but also evidenced the continued use of such technology among indigenous people, especially in the rural contexts. The findings in the study are suggestive of an enhanced recognition of indigenous technology in the TLA curriculum. Therefore, informed by the findings, the authors pose certain recommendations pertaining to the TLA curriculum. The article has as secondary purpose creation of awareness of, and sensitivity for, the cultural heritage of indigenous people in South Africa and context-specific community needs which can be recognised and addressed in learning areas such as the TLA.