The pathology of political conundrum and the utilisation of M&E information in the public service in Africa

17 Apr 2019

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems continue to be at the centre of and a reference point for effective public service performance management ethos. A clear distinction exists between performance measurement and performance management, the latter carrying an addition for use of M&E performance information generated from the M&E systems. The performance management regime has been overtaken by the new public governance or the so-called “New Public Service” that goes deeper in suggesting a wholesale use of M&E information within complexities of stakeholder management and the public service political space. The debate on the consumption of M&E performance information starts in the quest for pursuing an agreement in the public interest. Evidence demonstrates that politics and political space affect the level of adoption and use of M&E information. The ferocity of politics and complexities of the political operating environment have the ability of distressing consumption of M&E information.