The oral rehabilitation of a patient suffering from Bulimia

09 Dec 2013

Bulimia as a condition holds its own complication, the psychological aspect of the condition opens a whole new area of discussion. Looking at a patient with this kind of condition creates the necessity to be sensitive and know the condition well enough to be prepared for every possible complication. Taking into consideration that the patient in this case had a dietary dysfunction, this article examines the possible options for a restoration. The possible technical options for this type of case are a full-denture, a Cobalt-Chrome partial denture with precision milled rests and crown and bridge supported implants. But our choice was guided by the factors that influenced the strength of the patient?s remaining dentition and the amount of bone support. The patient had lost the majority of her natural teeth due to the erosion of enamel. Malnutrition plays a role in the lack of nutrient absorption by the body; because the food gets aborted before the valuable nutrients could be absorbed and this in turn leads to a lack of calcium and magnesium uptake that helps strengthen the teeth and bones.