The nature of rainfall in the main drainage sub-basins of Uganda

26 Mar 2014

A study of rainfall trends and temporal variations within seven sub- basins of Uganda spanning from 1940 to 2009 has been made. Rainfall climatologies are constructed from observational data, using 36 station records which reflect hydro climatic conditions. Long-term changes in rainfall characteristics were determined by non-parametric tests (Mann-Kendall and Sen’s T tests), coefficient of variation, precipitation concentration Index and drought severity index. Magnitude of change was estimated by applying Sen’s estimator of slope. Decadal variability of rainfall with marked seasonal cycles is evident. Temporal variability of drought patterns is detected. Variations in annual rainfall are low with no significant trends observed in the main drainage sub-basins. Significant trends occur in October, November, December and January. A noticeable decrease in the annual total rainfall was observed mostly in north-western and south-western sub-basins. Rainfall trend in the second normal of June-July-August (JJA) was decreasing in all the main drainage sub-basins.