The level crossing rates and associated statistical properties of a random frequency response function

14 Feb 2018

This work is concerned with the statistical properties of the frequency response function of the energy of a random system. Earlier studies have considered the statistical distribution of the function at a single frequency, or alternatively the statistics of a band-average of the function. In contrast the present analysis considers the statistical fluctuations over a frequency band, and results are obtained for the mean rate at which the function crosses a specified level (or equivalently, the average number of times the level is crossed within the band). Results are also obtained for the probability of crossing a specified level at least once, the mean rate of occurrence of peaks, and the mean trough-to-peak height. The analysis is based on the assumption that the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the system have statistical properties that are governed by the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble (GOE), and the validity of this assumption is demonstrated by comparison with numerical simulations for a random plate. The work has application to the assessment of the performance of dynamic systems that are sensitive to random imperfections.