The information technology role in supplier-customer information-sharing in the supply chain management of South African small and medium-sized enterprises

09 May 2019

BACKGROUND : The study background looked at the advent of supply chain management in the last generation which ushered in technology that drives information-sharing within, and across enterprises. The information flow facilitates synchronisation of business activities, such as relationship-building, supply chain management among others. AIM : The aim of the study was to investigate how information technology (IT) application in the South African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhanced supplier-customer information sharing. SETTING : Interviews were conducted with SMEs samples that comprised mixed ownermanagers from food, and general trading SMEs in Gauteng Province of South Africa. METHODS : A qualitative research methodology was used, and a non-probability sampling process was pursued. RESULTS : The results indicated that IT application in the South African SMEs enhanced suppliercustomer information-sharing, as it improved interaction through supply chain collaboration and integration. CONCLUSION : The conclusion of the study highlighted that IT application in enterprises as obtained from South African SMEs enhanced supplier-customer information-sharing.