The impact of International air transport agreements on airline operations in Southern Africa

17 Jul 2017

International travel and tourism depends to a large extent on air travel and transport. The reliability and dependability of carriers to perform consistently is therefore of critical importance to the travel and tourism industry. The unscheduled termination of airline services caused by problems in the internal environment and developments in the external operational environment has proven to be extremely disruptive to business travellers and holiday-makers alike. Operating airlines in southern Africa has proved to be fraught with difficulties resulting in several airlines terminating their services after short periods of operation. This article focuses on international agreements generated in the external environment and their impacts on airline operations in the region. From the study it is clear that the international agreements created opportunities for airlines to enter the southern African market, but that their ability to survive financially are seriously threatened by a multitude of managerial and operational constraints. Competition with national carriers and government?s ability to manage and control the implementation process of air transport agreements? has significantly impacted airline operations and profitability.