The gospel as social revolution

21 Jul 2015

History is replete with examples illustrating the impact that evangelicals have had upon society. A recent publication by sociologist Robert Woodberry identifies the work of missionaries as ‘the single largest factor in insuring the health of the nations.’ 2 This article will trace the social impact of the gospel through the efforts of these ‘Conversionary Protestants’. It will also measure the South African social climate 20 years into democracy by detailing the serious issues that exist in our local communities. South African missiologist David Bosch3 wrote, ‘Never before in history has people’s social distress been as extensive as it is in the twentieth century. However, never before have Christians been in a better position than they are today to do something about this need.’ The evangelical church has a clear mandate to bring about needed social revolution. How will this happen? A church-based model for community engagement as a movement of the gospel will be examined to guide discussion.