The genetic organisation of a 2,966 basepair DNA fragment of a Single Capsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus isolated from Trichoplusia ni

05 Jan 2014

In order to investiagte the genomic organization of the Trichoplusia ni Single Capsid Nucleoplyhedrovirus (TnSNPV) , a 2,966 base pairs (bp) genomic fragment was sequenced. The fragment was found to contain five open reading frames (ORF's) homologous to baculovirus genes, including p26, fibrillin (p10), AcMNPV ORF-29, late expression facor 6 (lef 6) and the C-terminal portion of p74, on either stand of DNA. Predicted amini acid sequences for the ORFs were compared and identity values of between 12% and 54% were observed. Clustering and arrangement of the TnSNPV genes were similar to the clustering reported for SeMNPV, confirming TnSNPV was a Group II NPV.