The Fabrication of Maxillary and Mandibular Dental Prostheses for a Patient with Rapidly Progressive Periodontitis

09 Dec 2013

The fabrication of maxillary and mandibular dental prostheses for a patient with rapidly progressive periodontitis is presented in this article. Rapidly progressive periodontitis refers to a kind of serious oral disease with occurs in human periodontal tissues. The result of that the supporting tissues of patient?s teeth are rapidly destroyed. Taking into consideration that dentist will dealing with a clinical treatment for maxillary and mandibular arch by dentist, the dental laboratory may restore lost dentition and appearance with a maxillary cobalt-chrome removable partial denture supported on remaining teeth such a RPD is prepared as a precision attachment for a better stability of supporting and retaining the framework of the denture, along with a mandibular full acrylic denture with gum tinting for improving the aesthetics.