The fabrication of Co-Cr RPD for a hemi-maxillectomy defect

04 Dec 2013

The patient is a 40 year old female. In January 2002 she was complaining about a large swelling of the right side of the face which causing a facial asymmetry. The swelling extended buccally and palatally in the first quadrant posteriorly of the maxilla. In March 2002, due to the aggressive swelling and pain the patient went to Hope Street Dental Clinic, x-rays were taken and she was given anti-biotic for the swelling and pain. In June 2002 the patient returns to Hope Street Dental Clinic where the 18 & 17 were extracted and they referred her to Grootte Schuur Hospital for further investigation and treatment. After investigation the surgeon discovered that the patient was suffering from Ameloblastoma. Ameloblastoma is a malignant tumour or a germ cell in the dentine and almost certainly arises from the enamel organ. The relatively common true tumour accounts for one per cent (1%) of all oral tumours. The tumours are normally active from the age of 33 years and 80% in the mandible, but in this case it appears in the maxilla.