The Fabrication of a Maxillary and a Mandibular Prosthesis to Restore the Natural Dentition of a Patient

09 Dec 2013

Periodontitis is a result of long term accumulation of plaque and tartar between the tissue and the root of the tooth.1 The disease involves progressive loss of the alveolar bone supporting the teeth and in this specific case may eventually lead to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth if it?s left untreated. This article is about the manufacturing of a maxillary and a mandibular prosthesis in order to restore the natural dentition of a fiftyfive year old male with a middle class income, and a history of severe periodontitis. Various options of treatments are available for the patient, and is each individually discussed. A conclusion is also made on which one best suit the need of the patient, as well as which one is most appropriate for his financial situation.