The effect of Work conditions on performance of employees in the mining Industry in the Limpopo Province

05 Apr 2019

The mining industry has over the years faced continuous challenges in terms of increased demand for productivity, labour unrest, skills shortages, unpleasant working conditions, performance pressures and loss of scarce technical skills. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of work conditions on work performance of employees in the mining industry. The research article used quantitative methods to achieve its objective. Job content and individual work performance questionnaires were used to collect data from employees in the mining sector. Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients were used to determine the relationship between work conditions and work performance. Regression analysis was used to determine the effect of work condition on performance of employees in the mining industry. The correlation results found that there is statistical and practical significant relationship between work condition and work performance. The regression analysis results found that work condition variables (independent variables), have a statistical significant predictive effect on the work performance (dependent variable). Findings of this paper therefore, scientifically conclude that unpleasant work conditions have a negative consequence on the performance of employees in the mining industry. It is recommended that working conditions of mine workers are improved in order to improve performance and productivity. Keywords: Counter-Productive behaviour, Decision latitude, Social support, Task performance, Work conditions