The effect of using pure thiol collectors on the froth flotation of pentlandite containing ore

15 Jun 2017

Sodium ethyl and potassium amyl xanthates are commonly used in bulk and selective froth flotation of pentlandite ores respectively. The xanthate collectors are sensitive to pH and their selectivity in treating complex ores is questionable. With deteriorating nickel sulphide ore reserves more selective collectors have to be used in the extraction of nickel. The dithiocarbamates and dithiophosphates are possible replacement as they are believed to be stable in a wider range of pH and more selective than xanthates respectively. The present study compared the effects of using di-methyl-dithiocarbamate (di-C1 -DTC), di-ethyldithiophosphate di-C2 -DTP, SEX and PAX in froth flotation of pentlandite ore. The collectors were dosed at molar equivalent of 80g/ton PAX. This study showed that the higher cumulative nickel grades and cumulative nickel recovery were obtained by the use of PAX and SEX respectively. Therefore, it was not beneficial to substitute xanthates with either diC1 -DTC or di-C2 -DTP in the froth flotation of pentlandite containing ore.