The effect of generalized force correlations on the response statistics of a harmonically driven random system

07 Dec 2017

If the physical properties of a structural component are sufficiently random then the statistical distribution of the natural frequencies and mode shapes tends to a universal distribution associated with the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble (GOE) of random matrices. Previous work has exploited this result to yield expressions for the relative variance of the energy of the response of a random system to harmonic excitation. The derivation of these expressions employed random point process theory, and in the theoretical development it was assumed that the modal generalised forces were uncorrelated. Although this assumption is often valid, there are cases in which correlations between the generalised forces can significantly affect the response variance, and in the present work the existing theory is extended to include correlations of this type. The extended theory is applicable to both single frequency responses and to band average responses, and the developed closed form expressions are validated by comparison with direct simulations for a random plate structure.