The connectedness in selecting sociotechnical theory to underpin information systems studies

09 Feb 2018

In the last decade, there has been increase in the use of socio-technical theories to underpin information systems studies. However, the selection of the theories has been a cumbersome process for many researchers, particularly early career researchers, which include postgraduate students. As a result of the complexity, some postgraduate students select the theories that they are comfortable with, as opposed to suitability for their studies. This makes some of their studies more complex, and sometimes delays the completion. Also, the challenges with selection influences some postgraduate students to avoid the application of socio-technical theories even though it would have added rigour and quality to their studies. The problem with selection of theories is critical in that, when applied, they shapes, influence and defines the results of the studies. Thus, this study was undertaken, primarily to propose a guide, which can assist in the selection of socio-technical theories in information systems studies.