The complex null string, Galilean conformal algebra and scattering equations

25 May 2018

The scattering equation formalism for scattering amplitudes, and its stringy incarnation, the ambitwistor string, remains a mysterious construction. In this paper, we pursue the study a gauged-unfixed version of the ambitwistor string known as the null string. We explore the following three aspects in detail; its complexification, gauge fixing, and amplitudes. We first study the complexification of the string; the associated symmetries and moduli, and connection to the ambitwistor string. We then look in more details at the leftover symmetry algebra of the string, called Galilean conformal algebra; we study its local and global action and gauge-fixing. We finish by presenting an operator formalism, that we use to compute tree-level scattering amplitudes based on the scattering equations and a one-loop partition function. These results hopefully will open the way to understand conceptual questions related to the loop expansion in these twistor-like string models.