The book of Isaiah as Isaiah's book : the latest development in the research of the prophets

28 Apr 2011

The aim of this article is to represent conclusions for scholarly exegesis from recent developments in the field of the prophets, especially those pertaining to the Book of Isaiah. In order to do this, the author will pay attention in this article to the following aspects: (1) The prophet’s book before the prophet’s word; (2) The prophet as authority of the book; (3) Deutero-Isaiah: from hypothesis to author personality; (4) An anonymous prophet? The critical objections against the Deutero-Isaiah hypothesis; (5) The figure of the prophet and the redaction-critical research of Isa 40-55; (6) The temple-singer hypothesis as alternative: from the individual to the collective; (7) The double tracked argumentation of a solution; (8) The discursive continuation of the tradition around Isaiah ben Amoz as Isaiah’s book.