The balancing of a centrifugal mill

15 Jun 2018

Centrifugal mills can be much smaller than conventional tube mills of comparable duty1. This fact makes possible the consideration of underground milling, which is important in the preparation of backfill, either by the comminution of waste or by the concentration of values from the reef. Such a concept has significant economic and operational potential2. The South African Chamber of Mines, in collaboration with Lurgi, has installed a centrifugal mill with a nominal rating of 1000 kW at Western Deep Levels Gold Mine. This is by far the most powerful mill of its type in the world, and embodies many novel features. In particular, out-of-balance forces generated when the mill is operated are neutralized by adjustable counterweights. Balancing procedures for centrifugal mills in general are outlined, and the interdependence of percentage filling and mill configuration is discussed.