The balanced scorecard performance management system communication process: An empirical survey

05 Jun 2015

This article aims to review the communication practices underpinning the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) performance management system within the Cape Town Metropolitan Police Department (CTMPD) in order to devise guidelines to improve the way in which performance management is communicated to, in particular, middle managers. A quantitative study was undertaken during which a questionnaire was administered to 10 Senior Superintendents and 30 Superintendents within the CTMPD. The research fi ndings indicate that whilst performance management was understood, a lack of effective communication strategies together with suffi cient training in the BSC performance management system frustrate the performance management endeavour of the CTMPD. The study recommends that the safety and security training college develop a training course. With the help of the support services manager, they must address internal communication strategies in particular. In addition, the study recommends that the support services division ensures that candidates eligible for middle management positions be tested on their core communication skills and their understanding of performance management principles prior to their appointment.