The assessment of the 7C protocols for policy Implementation in Improving service delivery in South African municipalities

10 Oct 2019

This paper attempts to recognise and discuss the assessment of the 7C protocols for policy implementation in improving service delivery in South African municipalities. The paper reviews the literature on the previous 5Cs, and how they partly created policy gaps in local government. The advantages of successful 7Cs are to plan effectively and execute better policy. The main thrust of this paper is to clarify the 7C protocol concepts, and identify the fundamentals of policy implementation in improving municipal services. The paper adopts a desktop study, and reviews literature in order to explore the dynamics of the previous 5Cs towards becoming the 7Cs. It therefore, exposes policy gaps which existed during the application of the 5C protocols. Hence, it recommends what could be possibly be done to apply the 7C protocols to municipal service delivery. Keywords: Commitment, C protocols, Policy, Policy implementation