The assessment and enhancement of performance management within the South African Local Government invironment

22 Nov 2018

This paper deals with the performance of the Municipal Managers and Managers accountable to them as well as institutional performance of a municipality. It outlines performance appraisals, performance management. The paper examines general performance problems as well as possible remedies. The South African Local Government performance management system consists of the individual and institutional performance management. The paper will focus on Section 57 managers which deal with the appointment of Municipal managers and managers accountable to the Municipal Manager as well as their performance agreements. The paper explains the municipal performance management. In terms of the institutional performance, measuring tools of the municipality which are the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and the Service Delivery Implementation plan (SDIP) will be explained. This paper seeks to provide guidelines to councillors, managers, officials and local government stakeholders in developing and implementing a performance management system in terms of the requirements of the legislation. The paper strives to establish common language and thereby ensuring some level of consistency and uniformity in the application of concepts. Keywords: Performance appraisal, Performance management, Municipal manager, Municipality