The Appropriateness of Project Management Mechanisms Within the South African Public Sector Environment

10 Oct 2019

This paper examines the variety of project management mechanisms in order to ensure that the three spheres of government which are the National, Provincial and Local government are project oriented. It is the responsibility of the South African government to take ownership pertaining to all the projects and infrastructure development in South Africa. It is evident that all the major projects are managed by the private sector project management Consulting firms. The article will also examine the importance of Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) within the public sector. Despite the success rate of government projects through Public Private Partnership synergies, the paper argues that, government departments still have less contribution regarding the management of government projects. It is evident that there is no Project Management Offices (PMO) within the government departments. The paper seeks to assist the South African public sector with the integration of project management mechanisms in order to transform the traditional way of managing government project to a project oriented public sector. This paper relies on document study and published material. The paper concludes by outlining and suggesting that project management mechanisms to be adopted by the South African public sector.