Tetraquark operators in lattice QCD and exotic flavour states in the charm sector

04 Jun 2018

We present a general class of operators resembling compact tetraquarks which have a range of colour-flavour-spin structures, transform irreducibly under the symmetries of the lattice and respect other relevant symmetries. These constructions are demonstrated in lattice QCD calculations with light quarks corresponding to $m_\pi =$ 391 MeV. Using the distillation framework, correlation functions involving large bases of meson-meson and tetraquark operators are computed in the isospin-1 hidden-charm and doubly-charmed sectors, and finite-volume spectra are extracted with the variational method. We find the spectra are insensitive to the addition of tetraquark operators to the bases of meson-meson operators. For the first time, through using diverse bases of meson-meson operators, the multiple energy levels associated with meson-meson levels which would be degenerate in the non-interacting limit are extracted reliably. The number of energy levels in each spectrum is found to be equal to the number of expected non-interacting meson-meson levels in the energy region considered and the majority of energies lie close to the non-interacting levels. Therefore, there is no strong indication for any bound state or narrow resonance in the channels we study.