Teacher Educators? Contending Perspectives on Designing a Curriculum Underpinned by Knowledge Integration of Science Education Disciplines in South African Universities

01 Feb 2019

The move from teaching disciplines in silos has been questioned as producing educators who are unable to teach integrated curriculum for integrated knowledge. South African Teacher Education Institutions have had to design teacher education and training curricula mandated by Department Higher Education and Training through the policy on Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualification. This study adopted a qualitative method through case study which explored the conceptions and perspectives of science teacher educators of the principle of knowledge integration as suggested in the policy. Interviews were conducted with sciences teacher educators from a purposively sampled institution. For triangulation, documents of the new curriculum were also analyzed as tools to solicit data from the participants. Interview transcripts were coded and themes were extracted for data analysis. Findings demonstrated existence of contestations on the participants? views of how integrated knowledge in curriculum is. Further, findings unveiled that some design models used for curriculum design in the selected institution demonstrated attributes that work against knowledge integration with a reason of ensuring that discipline content codes and modalities are not to be tampered with.