Synthesis of a novel polycyclic ring scaffold with antimitotic properties via a selective domino Heck-Suzuki reaction.

23 Jan 2018

The synthesis of a previously undescribed sp3-rich 6-5-5-6 tetracyclic ring scaffold using a palladium catalysed domino Heck-Suzuki reaction is reported. This reaction is high-yielding, selective for the domino process over the direct Suzuki reaction and tolerant towards a variety of boronic acids. The novel scaffold can also be accessed via domino Heck-Stille and radical cyclisations. Compounds based around this scaffold were found to be effective antimitotic agents in a human cancer cell line. Detailed phenotypic profiling showed that the compounds affected the congression of chromosomes to give mitotic arrest and apoptotic cell death. Thus, a novel structural class of antimitotic agents that does not disrupt the tubulin network has been identified.