Supplementation effect on body weight and BMI of HIV-positive/AIDS patients

31 May 2019

This is the first preliminary study in the Free State Province of South Africa to have examined the possible effect of a locally produced nutritional supplement on the body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) of HIV-positive/AIDS patients. The parameters were determined according to standard procedures in 35 HIV-positive/AIDS patients at baseline and in 28 patients at the end of the study. Twenty-four (68.8%) of the 35 patients examined at baseline had BMI within normal range while the median body weight was 57. Twenty-eight patients completed the study. The results showed that 19 (67.9%) had a BMI within the normal range after supplementation for three months. The body weight showed a slight but insignificant decline (p>0.05) at the end of the study. In general, BMI produced a trend towards an improvement. Further studies are recommended.