Study of the interaction between dry granular flows and rigid barriers with an SPH model

27 Apr 2018

This study uses an incompressible Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) model to investigate the interaction between dry granular material flows and rigid barriers. The primary aim is to summarise some practical guidelines for the design of debrisresisting barriers. The granular materials are modelled as a rigid-perfectly plastic material where the plastic flow corresponds to the critical state. The coupled continuity equation and momentum equation are solved by a semi-implicit algorithm. Compared with flows in controlled flume experiments, the model adequately reproduces both the kinetic of the flows and the impact force under various conditions. Then, the numerical simulations are used to study the detailed interaction process. It is illustrated quantitatively that the interaction force consists of two parts, i.e. the earth pressure force caused by the weight of the soil and a dynamic force caused by the internal deformation (flowing mass on top of a dead zone). For the estimation of impact load, this study suggests that an increased earth pressure coefficient depending on the Froude number should be incorporated into the hydrostatic model.