Structural Performance Monitoring Using a Dynamic Data-Driven BIM Environment

25 May 2018

Structural health monitoring data has not been fully leveraged to support asset management due to a lack of effective integration with other datasets. A Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach is presented to leverage structural monitoring data in a dynamic manner. The approach allows for the automatic generation of parametric BIM models of structural monitoring systems that include time-series sensor data; and it enables data-driven and dynamic visualisation in an interactive 3D environment. The approach supports dynamic visualisation of key structural performance parameters, allows for the seamless updating and long-term management of data, and facilitates data exchange by generating Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) compliant models. A newly-constructed bridge near Stafford, UK, with an integrated fibre-optic sensor based monitoring system was used to test the capabilities of the developed approach. The case study demonstrated how the developed approach facilitates more intuitive data interpretation, provides a user-friendly interface to communicate with various stakeholders, allows for the identification of malfunctioning sensors thus contributing to the assessment of monitoring system durability, and forms the basis for a powerful data-driven asset management tool. In addition, this project highlights the potential benefits of investing in the development of data-driven and dynamic BIM environments.