Strategies in managing township schools in South Africa : management through partnerships

03 Aug 2015

Relationships in schools determine the effectiveness of teaching and learning to a great degree. Managing township schools is about trust, acting in good faith, forming partnerships, and communicating. It involves solving problems, decision making, developing cooperative efforts among all stakeholders. It also deals with the sharing of responsibilities, involvement, supporting, obligations, collaboration, parenting, motivation, empowerment, volunteering, accountability, and being part of the team. If the relationships by learn ers and educators are not good, the following symptoms may appear between learners and educators, and between the school principal and the SGBs in schools, namely: Poor school attendance by learners; educators who do not have the desire to teach; tensions between various stakeholders of the school community; weak leadership- management and governance; a general feeling of hopelessness; demotivation; low morale, and disrupted authority.