Stopping power measurements of heavy ions (3 < Z1 < 14) in Mylar foil by time-of-flight spectrometry

09 Nov 2015

Heavy ions elastic recoil detection analysis coupled with time of flight spectrometer (HIERDA_ToF-E) have been used to measure energy loss of charged particles in thin absorber. The stopping power of heavy ions has been determined in Mylar for 28Si, 27Al, 24Mg, 19F, 16O, 12C and 7Li ions over a continuous range of energies 0.14?0.80 MeV/nucleon. The ions were recoils from the bombardment of different samples (Si, MgO, Al2O3, LiF and C) with a 27.5 MeV Kr+ beam. The energy loss of the recoil atoms is measured with and without additional foils placed in front of a Surface Barrier Detector (SBD). The energy of individual ions is determined from its ToF data; the exit energy after the stopping foil is measured using the SBD detector. We have compared our stopping values to those predicted by SRIM-2008 computer code, ICRU-73 stopping data tables, MSTAR calculations and to the published data from literature. The results show good agreement with limited existing data but indicate a large deviation among the predicted theoretical values at the low energy side of the stopping maximum peak.