Stereocontrolled Semisyntheses of Elliptone and 12aβ-Hydroxyelliptone.

01 Jun 2018

Operationally simple, stereocontrolled semisyntheses of the anticancer rotenoids elliptone and 12aβ-hydroxyelliptone, isolated from Derris elliptica and Derris trifoliata, respectively, are described. Inspired by the work of Singhal, elliptone was prepared from rotenone via a dihydroxylation-oxidative cleavage, chemoselective Baeyer-Villiger oxidation, and acid-catalyzed elimination sequence. Elaboration of elliptone to 12aβ-hydroxyelliptone was achieved via a diastereoselective chromium-mediated Étard-like hydroxylation. The semisynthesis of elliptone constitutes an improvement over previous methods in terms of safety, scalability, and yield, while the first synthesis of 12aβ-hydroxyelliptone is also described.