Staff development strategies for publication in the Faculty of Community and Health Science at UWC: A short report

13 Dec 2010

INTRODUCTION: Strategies for improving the publication output of academics are an essential component of research directives at tertiary institutions. The aim of this report was to highlight the effects of a writing retreat as an intervention strategy used by a university faculty to improve academic publication output. The strategy used included a structured programme over a period of three days guided by a facilitator. METHODS: The report uses a qualitative design to report the effects of the writing retreat on the participants. RESULTS: The major themes that emerged were reviewing and critical reading, writing for publication, personal growth and confidence, dedicated time, peer mentoring, programme structure and facilitation, and future directives. CONCLUSION: From the feedback obtained, it is evident that strategies such as a writing retreat provide academics with an opportunity to produce articles that are a benefit to the authors’ career trajectories as well as the institutional publication profile of their university.