Soot measurement in diluted methane diffusion flames by multi-pass extinction and laser-induced incandescence

20 Mar 2018

Multi-pass cavity line-of-sight extinction (MPC-LOSE) and laser- induced incandescence (LII) techniques are deployed to measure the soot volume fraction in a series of nitrogen-diluted flames, which produce only ppm volume mass fractions of soot. The separate suppression effects on soot formation of direct fuel dilution and indirect effects of temperature and res- idence time are interpreted by using a numerically calculated flow velocity and temperature field using a one-step fast chemistry model. The experi- mentally determined rate of soot formation is shown to obey approximately the same function of the local temperature for all dilution cases. The results show that a simple one-step reaction model using previously measured acti- vation energies can account for the dilution effect with good accuracy. The results show that the direct effect of dilution on concentration is comparable to the effects of changing the temperature estimated local temperature and residence time.