Social network analysis and the emergence of Central Places: A case study from central Italy (Latium Vetus)

05 Sep 2017

The last decade has witnessed a growing interest in the network model, both as a metaphor and as an analytical tool, within a wide range of disciplines, and recently archaeology. This article aims to assess the potential of the social network analysis model for the study of emergent complex polities, using a case study from central Italy (Latium vetus). In particular the emergence of known proto-urban and urban centres in this area, from the Final Bronze Age (1175/1150-950/925 BC ca), during the Early Iron Age (950/925-750 BC ca) up to the Orientalizing Age (750-580 BC ca) and Archaic Age (580-509 BC ca), will be examined by using social network analysis (SNA) centrality indexes and tools. Thus, the potential of this approach will be assessed, and its associated theoretical and methodological issues discussed.