Small-scale mining in South Africa: an assessment of the success factors and support structures for entrepreneurs

19 Jul 2017

One of the negative legacies of the apartheid era is a markedly skewed mining sector that favors the established companies, and almost completely neglects small-scale mining enterprises. Though a major source of revenue for South Africa (SA), the current state of the mining sector does not directly benefit the previously disadvantaged who dominate smallscale mining. The aim of this study is to explore the support structures and success factors relevant to small-scale mining entrepreneurs in South Africa. To achieve this end, the qualitative research approach was utilized to collect and analyze the data. The results affirmed the availability of a comprehensive support structure for aspiring small-scale mining entrepreneurs. A number of factors not limited to having a marketing ethos, requisite business knowledge, possession of appropriate equipment, and the ability to mine effectively and efficiently were reported as being central to successful small-scale mining. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that having passion and the right work ethics worked in favor of successful small-scale entrepreneurs.