Skills Development in Malawi's public service : key to effective human resources productivity?

09 Dec 2020

This paper examines training and development practices in Malawi's public service. In sub-Saharan Africa, including Malawi, improving public service delivery through competent and well trained human resources is a major concern. The paper is based on literature review and key informant interviews. It contends that the quality, applicability and relevance of training and development in Malawi's public service is complicated by the lack of systematic and well-coordinated leadership and management development programmes, vested interests of public officials and inadequate and elusive quality and quantity of human resources, There is dearth and paucity of professionalism, as the public service is not only politicised, but it also corrupted and lacks financial resources. The paper concludes that public service transformation through training and development is critical for improved performance and productivity. Therefore, attention must be paid to the role of training institutions and on-going capacity development. The paper concludes that provision of systematic training and development programmes is not a luxury. There is need for regular assessment of training needs at all levels, as well as the mobilisation of human resources in terms of quality and quantity and finances for efficient and effective public service delivery.