Short term public private partnerships : a starting point for Botswana

11 Oct 2019

Despite the introduction of a Public Private Partnership Policy Implementation Framework a decade ago, Botswana has implemented only a handful projects under the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangement. Known PPP projects include the two office buildings in the capital city Gaborone and pockets of other PPP infrastructure that have been completed within and outside the capital city. One of the concerns in Botswana regarding PPPs is that the PPP Unit in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED) has had a very limited and in some instances, no role in the implementation of some of the PPP projects in the country. Another major concern regarding the implementation of PPPs in Botswana is limited knowledge on PPPs, by government officials. The leadership and government officials require adequate understanding of PPPs in order for government to consider fully, PPP as an alternative and viable procurement method of public infrastructure and services. As a central advisor, depository, approver and guarantor of PPPs projects, government should, through the PPP unit always be involved in any PPP project. The unit should be capacitated to function effectively to enable it to take ownership of relevant responsibility towards its mandate. This study advances short term PPPs as a preferred means of public procurement in the government of Botswana's trajectory towards implementing long term PPPs.