Review of brand equity measurement to understand consumers' brand perception

24 Oct 2013

Consumers? perception of a brand is an important element of the brand management function. An understanding of this perception suggests that successful brand management activities require suitable method of brand equity measurement. This paper examines existing quantitative secondary data to understand consumers? brand perception at three levels of the brand equity measurement: (1) Firm level ? measures the brand as a financial asset, (2) Product level ? compares the price of two products and the price difference is brand equity, (3) Consumer Level ? examines the perceptions of consumers and identifies evidence of consumer-brand associations, brand awareness, recall and recognition. The brand equity measurement examined here measure the Ceres Fruit Juices brand at the consumer level 3 to seek out evidence of consumer brand awareness, recall and recognition. The finding of this review shows different level of brand awareness, recall and recognition for different products included in the measurement.