Relationships between the malaria parasite density and children anaemia : brief communication

07 Jun 2019

The relationship between malaria parasite density and anaemia was investigated in 250 children (aged 1-5 years) at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC) Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Blood samples collected from the children were examined for malaria parasites and the packed cell volume (PCV) determined using standard methods and procedures. The PCV was used as an index of anaemia. There was an association between malaria parasite density and PCV with malaria parasite density range from 3000-22500 parasites per ?l of blood and a corresponding PCV level of 33.5-8%. The low PCV value with a correspondent high density of malaria parasite was suggested to be due to excessive destruction of the red blood cells by the malaria parasites. Recommendations for reducing mortality and morbidity in children due to malaria are proposed and strategies for the provision of affordable and cost-effective intervention programmes are therefore, suggested.