Radiographers? knowledge, attitude and challenges on pain management

15 Sep 2020

Introduction Pain, an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience linked with tissue damage, is the most common medical complaint, and diagnostic imaging plays a major role in the multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Integral to the diag- nostic radiographers? role is good communication skills, appropriate patient care, and competent patient positioning of patients especially patients in pain in the process of producing accurate radiographic images of diagnostic quality. Purpose The aim of the study was to investigate the attitude and knowledge base of the diagnostic radiographer and outline policies and challenges with regard to pain management at the research site. Method A descriptive survey method was used in the administration of a questionnaire to 29 practicing radiographers. Results Twenty-eight (97%) of the questionnaires were returned though not all questions were completed by all the respondents. The results of the study established that there is limited knowledge of pain management among this cohort of radiographers. The analysis revealed that 71% of the radiographers surveyed had no formal training on the subject and 50% of the respondents accessed the internet as a source of information on pain management. The study also showed the absence of pain management policies in the study sites. Conclusion The recommendations of this single site study are that regular in-service training programmes should be implement- ed for radiographers on this specific topic. Appropriate policies on pain management should be developed in order to enhance radiographers? knowledge of pain and improve the quality of care to the patients attending this regional hospital