Quantum oscillations and criticality in a fermionic and bosonic dimer model for the cuprates

12 Mar 2019

We study quantum oscillations for a system of fermionic and bosonic dimers and compare the results to those experimentally observed in the cuprate superconductors in their underdoped regime. We argue that the charge carriers obey the Onsager quantization condition and quantum oscillations take on a Lifshitz-Kosevich form. We obtain the effective mass and find good qualitative agreement with experiments if we tune the model to the point where the observed mass divergence at optimum doping is associated to a van Hove singularity at which four free-dimer Fermi pockets touch pairwise in the interior of the Brillouin zone. The same van Hove singularity leads to a maximum in the d-wave superconducting pairing amplitude when antiferromagnetic interactions are included. Our combined results therefore suggest that a quantum critical point separating the underdoped and overdoped regimes is marked by the location of the van Hove saddle point in the fermionic dimer dispersion.