Quantitative studies upon porphyrin excretion in bovine congenital prophyrinuria (Pink tooth) no. I

11 Jul 2016

Since the literature reveals little accurate information as to the quantities of porphyrins excreted in congenial prophyrinuria, studies of these bovine eases have been undertaken with a view to ascertaining whether or not fluctuations occurred in the quantities of eopro- and uroporphyrin eliminated with the urine and faeces and if any correlation was to be observed between such data as urine volume and prophyrin output. Not only was it hoped that the result would contribute materially to the elucidation of the disease, considered as a derangement of endogenous pigment metabolism, but we were also anxious to throw further light upon the uneven distribution of porphyrin in the bones of affected animals. The case previously slaughtered slaughtered for examination showed the bone structure, in transverse section, to be stained in rings of darker and lighter colour.