QoS-based ranking and selection of SaaS applications using heterogeneous similarity metrics

28 May 2019

The plethora of cloud application services (Apps) in the cloud business apps e-marketplace often leads to service choice overload. Meanwhile, existing SaaS e-marketplaces employ keyword-based inputs that do not consider both the quantitative and qualitative quality of service (QoS) attributes that characterise cloud-based services. Also, existing QoS-based cloud service ranking approaches rank cloud application services are based on the assumption that the services are characterised by quantitative QoS attributes alone, and have employed quantitative-based similarity metrics for ranking. However, the dimensions of cloud service QoS requirements are heterogeneous in nature, comprising both quantitative and qualitative QoS attributes, hence a cloud service ranking approach that embrace core heterogeneous QoS dimensions is essential in order to engender more objective cloud selection. In this paper, we propose the use of heterogeneous similarity metrics (HSM) that combines quantitative and qualitative dimensions for QoS-based ranking of cloud-based services. By using a synthetically generated cloud services dataset, we evaluated the ranking performance of five HSM using Kendall tau rank coefficient and precision as accuracy metrics benchmarked with one HSM. The results show significant rank order correlation of Heterogeneous Euclidean- Eskin Metric, Heterogeneous Euclidean-Overlap Metric, and Heterogeneous Value Difference Metric with human similarity judgment, compared to other metrics used in the study. Our results confirm the applicability of HSM for QoS ranking of cloud services in cloud service e-marketplace with respect to users? heterogeneous QoS requirements.