Psychometric properties of the Psychological Ownership Questionnaire

24 Jan 2019

OBJECTIVE : The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the multi‐dimensional Psychological Ownership Questionnaire when applied in an organisational context. METHOD : A cross‐sectional survey research design was employed (N = 953) to investigate the factorial validity, internal consistency, measurement invariance, and concurrent validity of the instrument. RESULTS : The results showed that the five‐dimensional factor structure of the Psychological Ownership Questionnaire could be confirmed. No configural, scalar, and metric invariances among different age cohorts were shown. The instrument showed reliability at both a lower (Cronbach's alpha) and upper (composite reliability) limit level. In relating the instrument to turnover intention, its concurrent validity was established. CONCLUSION : The Psychological Ownership Questionnaire seem to be a useful, valid, and reliable self‐report questionnaire for the assessment of psychological ownership within a South African organisational context.