Progress towards standardised diagnosis of vascular cognitive impairment: guidelines from the vascular impairment of cognition classification consensus study (VICCCS)

02 Feb 2018

INTRODUCTION: Progress in understanding and management of vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) has been hampered by lack of consensus on diagnosis, reflecting the use of multiple different assessment protocols. A large multinational group of clinicians and researchers participated in a two-phase Vascular Impairment of Cognition Classification Consensus study (VICCCS) to agree on principles (VICCCS-1) and protocols (VICCCS-2) for diagnosis of VCI. We present VICCCS-2. METHODS: We used VICCCS-1 principles and published diagnostic guidelines as points of reference for an online Delphi survey aimed at achieving consensus on clinical diagnosis of VCI. RESULTS: Six survey rounds comprising 65-79 participants agreed guidelines for diagnosis of VICCCS-revised Mild and Major forms of VCI and endorsed the National Institute of Neurological Disorders-Canadian Stroke Network (NINDS-CSN) neuropsychological assessment protocols and recommendations for imaging. DISCUSSION: VICCCS-2 suggests standardised use of NINDS-CSN recommendations on neuropsychological and imaging assessment for diagnosis of VCI so as to promote research collaboration.