Process and impact evaluation of the Odi youth centre regarding behavioural change towards HIV/AIDS

24 May 2019

The objective of HIV prevention interventions is that young people would not only have a potential to protect them from being infected but also to shape their lives in a positive way, hence we evaluated the process and impact of a youth centre regarding behavioural change towards HIV/AIDS. This is an evaluative descriptive study using a qualitative research method. For process evaluation, in-depth, interviews were conducted among the staff, groundbreakers (role models) and volunteers working in the youth centre. From the interview conducted, it was reported that the youth centers are effective in keeping the youth out of the streets, educating them about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancy, sexuality and sexual health education. Youth centers provide valuable opportunity to inculcate in youth the dream of a better future and to avert the chances of HIV-infection. Lessons and behavior learnt at this stage will be carried to adulthood. The life skills they acquire from the youth centre are invaluable and recommendations on how to improve quality and service delivery are highlighted.