Post-operative deep brain stimulation assessment: Automatic data integration and report generation.

10 Apr 2018

BACKGROUND: The gold standard for post-operative deep brain stimulation (DBS) parameter tuning is a monopolar review of all stimulation contacts, a strategy being challenged by recent developments of more complex electrode leads. OBJECTIVE: Providing a method to guide clinicians on DBS assessment and parameter tuning by automatically integrating patient individual data. METHODS: We present a fully automatic method for visualization of individual deep brain structures in relation to a DBS lead by combining precise electrode recovery from post-operative imaging with individual estimates of deep brain morphology utilizing a 7T-MRI deep brain atlas. RESULTS: The method was evaluated on 20 STN DBS cases. It demonstrated robust automatic creation of 3D-enabled PDF reports visualizing electrode to brain structure relations and proved valuable in detecting miss placed electrodes. DISCUSSION: Automatic DBS assessment is feasible and can conveniently provide clinicians with relevant information on DBS contact positions in relation to important anatomical structures.