Physics-based Compact Model of Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor with Multiple Effects for High Power Application

17 May 2018

This paper presents a physics-based compact model of integrated gate-commutated thyristor (IGCT) with multiple effects for high power application. The proposed model has both acceptable accuracy and computation time requirement, which is suitable for system level circuit simulation and IGCT’s whole wafer modelling work. First, the development of IGCT model is discussed and the one-dimension phenomenon of IGCT is analyzed in the paper. Second, a physics-based compact model of IGCT is proposed. The proposed model of IGCT includes multiple physical effects that are crucial to IGCTs working in high power applications. These physical effects include the impact ionization effect, moving boundary of depletion region during punch-thourgh (PT) and the local lifetime region. The Fourier series solution is applied for the ambipolar diffusion equation in the base region. Third, the proposed model is implemented in Simulink and compared with the model in Silvaco Atlas, a finite-element (FEM) tool. Finally, the proposed compact model of IGCT is validated by experiments.